The Talented Gardener’s most frequently asked questions are answered here, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your own requirements.


Availability to discuss my garden requirements

Q. I work all day so can you visit during the evening or on the weekend to give me an estimate and to discuss my garden requirements?

A. We are happy to visit you evenings (daylight permitting) and on a Saturday or Sunday.


Initial visit

Q. Do you have to see my garden before you can complete work there?

A. Yes. To be able to knowledgeably understand your garden needs and to provide a proper estimate, we would always wish to visit your garden in person.


Reliability of service

Q. How reliable are you at keeping appointments?

A. We always turn up on the day and time in question for all our visits, whether to provide an estimate or complete garden work , but if we cannot get to you for unforeseen reasons (such as inclement weather), we will contact you as soon as possible to rearrange. All appointments are confirmed a day or two in advance by text or email.


Unattended properties

Q. I am out all day every day. Is that a problem?

A. We regularly work in gardens at unattended properties. Before each visit, we will agree a schedule of work with you and check in with you immediately afterwards to ensure your satisfaction with the work completed.


One off or regular jobs

Q. Do you only work for customers who will give you regular work?

A. No, definitely not. We are happy to do one-off jobs for our customers as well as regular visits. All our customers receive the same high level of quality service and attention from us.


Neglected gardens

Q. We have acquired a large garden that has not been maintained for a long time. Can you help get it back to a manageable order for us?

A. Yes indeed. On our initial visit, we will discuss your requirements with you and agree an action plan to prioritise the work needed. If it is a long project, we will map the work out over a period of time to suit your circumstances and then review progress of the work completed with you regularly to ensure that your requirements are being met to your satisfaction.


I need a garden tidy up to sell my house

Q. I want to sell my property and want the garden to look its best before going on the market. Can you help?

A. Yes. We can give your garden an effective tidy up, prune back overgrown shrubbery, weed and making the most of the existing planting and shrubbery, to enhance its best features and show your garden to its best advantage.


Formal garden design

Q. Do you carry out formal garden design?

A. No. We can offer you practical horticultural design advice in the course of discussing your garden requirements, but would not undertake a full formal design service ourselves. However, we work regularly with talented, professionally qualified garden designers, whom we could gladly recommend to you.


Large hedge and tree surgeon work

Q. I have some large overgrown trees and hedges that need getting under control. Do you do tree cutting?

A. No. We are not experienced tree surgeons, but we can recommend qualified and experienced tree surgeons who we work with regularly, who have the equipment to carry out the work safely and to a high standard of care.


Hard landscaping

Q. Do you carry out hard landscaping of gardens?

A. No, but we will gladly recommend local landscape construction companies who we work with, or whose work has impressed us.

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